Catalonia new FIT Associate Member

The Board of the Federation of International Touch (FIT) has granted Associate Membership to the Associació Catalana de Touch (ACT), the Catalan Touch Association.

OlivierGuitartThe ACT, led by its President, Mr. Olivier Guitart, introducer of Touch in Catalonia back in 2004, is an entity formed by members of the Catalan Federation of Rugby (FCR), the Rugby League Catalan Association (ACRL) and our club, Touch Barcelona-AETRC, the only team officially declared to play Touch in Catalonia at the moment.

The main objective of the ACT is to develop the sport of Touch in Catalonia and make it popular inside this soccer-mad country. Needless to say that the rest of the Nations and regions of the Spanish State will count on full ACT support.

Some months ago, Dennis Coffey, FIT Secretary General came to Barcelona, invited by the ACT, to meet different Sport and Political authorities.

One of the goals of that visit was to establish a collaboration between the FCR and the ACT, with FIT approval, to undertake the introduction of  Touch into the Catalan Public Schools. The FCR, through its General Manager, Juan José  Hernandez, expressed to Mr. Coffey their strong determination to use Touch as a vehicular sport to introduce those values and sportiveness of Rugby in the public schoolar system, given the simplicity and low risk of injuries Touch has.

The FCR and ACT will sign an agreement and will organize a FIT compliant presentation to show the sport to Rugby coaches and educators to start with, before the Level 1/Level 2 coach courses next year.

Moreover, Dennis Coffey met the President and Vice-President of the Plataforma Pro-Seleccions Esportives Catalanes (Platform Pro Catalan Sports National Teams), the Catalan Civil organization that promotes Catalan Sportive National Federations. Both expressed to Mr. Coffey their support to the ACT as the entity capable of managing and promoting the future Catalan Touch official competitions.

Finally, there was a short meeting in the Parliament of Catalonia with the MH President del Parlament, Ernest Benach i Pascual, where it was expressed the governmental support that this newborn project already has.

(left to right) Sergi Blázquez, Plataforma Pro-Seleccions Esportives Catalanes
Ernest Benach i Pascual, MH President del Parlament de Catalunya
Dennis Coffey, FIT Secretary General
Antoni Marín Muntané, ACT Vicepresident & Touch Barcelona-AETRC President.

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